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Pet travel South Africa and pet transport South Africa focuses on moving pets overseas. Container movers do not have any expertise in transporting pets overseas.

When you are looking for a dog travel carrier in South Africa you will have choice of about 4 established pet travel companies – although there are many more animal travel carriers they are new in the pet business and should be dealt with with caution. Although it seems like an easy business to run and manage the animal transport industry is not easy.

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A good international pet travel company will have partners and contacts all over the world to help with the moving of you pet. Time is the only way to build good relations with pet shippers around the world. Contacts in customs and with kennels overseas is a critical part of the business. Things to consider when transporting your pet to the middle and far east are that these countries have very strict and different  regulations from country to country. There are quarantines and certain breeds are banned from being imported. For instance – Israel does not allow puppies younger than 4 months. Birds need to be quarantined for at least  month in the USA and in Canada there is a house quarantine for 45 days and birds must be on the same flight as the bird owner. And so it goes on – every country is different and one slip and you will be paying for you pet travel again. You will need a bird box or pet box when sending your pet to the UK or United States. Contact pet transport South Africa for more details.


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