Pet airways – dog transport to Canada

Pet airways are specialists in moving dogs around the world -a dog transport company will fly your dog or any pet to New Zealand or Canada at the lowest rate. Competition between pet express companies is fierce as the market for pet flights decreases around the world. People are finding it just too expensive to move overseas with all their dogs whenever they travel.

This of course means a booming business for dog kennels and higher than normal business for the SPCA. When flying your dog to New Zealand or your dog to Canada – find out what the regulations are – as with all countries, they have specific requirements for each kind of animal. Pet express transport will include pet flights, dog boxes, and all the inoculations. A good Animal travel company will also look after kenneling for the quarantine period. Pet transport to Canada is not as stringent as pet transport to New Zealand, for instance – but both countries are very strict.

There is of course no such thing as pet transport airlines – the normal airlines transport the pets in the hold – although some airlines are more pet friendly than others – that is where your pet transport international company comes in – they have the best contacts and will ensure your pooch gets there safely and comfortably.

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